Online wallet for your personal health

Wanngi is your online wallet for your health for you and your family.

Manage & Upload medical documents, such as specialist referrals, scripts, pathology reports, hospital and doctor visits.

Track workouts and fitness goals from Wearables or Wanngi

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With Wanngi people can become their own health champion.
Consumers have incomplete access to historic Health data or a place to capture their symptoms to validate their diagnosis with health professions. 1 in 20 people currently get misdiagnosed. We created a platform for people to keep their health records, capture symptoms and fitness activity and view trends. Partnerships with healthcare organisations will also automate this over time for people.
@maree_beare Is it really as many as one in twenty? That's terrifying.
@warren_g_robin yes think about how often people have to return to see their Doctor after the first time as the illness is still there. With more objective information from us we can help doctors with their diagnosis