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First AR nail polish try-on

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Wanna Nails enables people to try-on nail polish in augmented reality. Our app helps to experiment with the selection of color or a combination of colors depending on the lighting, skin color and style. Computer vision algorithms provide realistic colors and shades.

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    This is one way to break into a saturated market, unique innovation and flawless cross marketing feature, giving customers the ability to share their desired colored nails even before they buy (on amazon) is absolutely cool. Best of luck

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    A real innovation in the way to shop for nail products



    I'm not a nail product user but I really see AR as a real innovation about the way we shop for products. Loreal and modiface are doing an awesome work with face cosmetic products, some good app are offering new ways to try/buy shoes, and now nails!

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Chris, thank you for hunting Wanna Nails! Hi Product Hunters, I’m Yury, founding investor and mentor of Wanna Nails, former investor and co-founder of Fabby and maps.me. We created an app that enables people to try-on and buy nail polish in augmented reality. It turned to be lots of fun working on transferring natural colors, textures and lighting. This, we hope, will contribute to building augmented reality that will look pretty close to real life. This app joins global digital beauty & AR commerce movement and we believe it will empower large companies and independent entrepreneurs to use AR-tools to communicate with consumers directly and get real-time feedback on new products. We’d appreciate your feedback!
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@melnichek can I get a email address for you and your full name? I think your company would match perfect with the company I am working with! Lightbulb moments here!!! Thank you, Tamera Tamerajonesdavis@gmail.com
Well this certainly beats holding the bottle to my nails and trying to imagine if thw colour would suit me! Do you plan to partner with beauty brands at some point? Would be great to hear more about where you're taking Wanna Nails in future 💅🏼 @darya_sesitskaya @melnichek @arseny_info
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@melnichek @arseny_info @abadesi Abadesi, thank you so much for your kind words and your support! We believe AR will radically change interactions between the product and the user and will bring a deeper sense of connection with the brand. Large players in e-commerce and retail, such as Amazon, IKEA, L'Oreal, and Zara have already made trial projects in AR. This is just the beginning of a large AR-Commerce industry. Users would always be first for us, and for their convenience we are already working on collaborations with the most popular nail brands and manufacturers. Maybe you have someone in mind? We are always open for new connections. Anybody can shoot us an e-mail at hi@wanna.by for future collaboration!
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Congratulations on launching a stunning product, guys!
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@alexstrvinsky thanks for the support and for sharing 🙏🏽
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Guys, your product looks great! Congratulations! Minsk is on fire! :) What are your next steps? Do you have a working business model?
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@dmitry_ovod_marchuk Hi Dmitry, Thanks for your support and feedback. Minsk is kicking it 🙂 We now operate as an AR-showcase of goods from Amazon and AliExpress and we put a lot of effort in grouping goods in collections based on fashion trends, price, and quality together with our shopping expert. WANNA NAILS is getting commission after each purchase is being made and our team is currently working on new monetization models.
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Congrats on launching such an amazing product! AR-Commerce definitely has a huge potential. Guys, do you plan any more AR apps like this?
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@stacyskur Thanks so much for support and kind words! You came right to the point — we would produce more AR apps like Wanna Nails. AR-Commerce market is impressive, and it would be foolish not to fulfill the demand. Stay tuned for our news!
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