The easy way to to share travel recommendations!

Now wouldn’t it be great if there was a simple way to share travel recommendations so that by simply sharing a link, the recipient could see thumbnails of places you recommend, scroll through and click items to view important info like location, opening hours, google reviews etc. all in one place? That’s exactly what Wanderguides are!

  • Pros: 

    An innovative way to pass along my recommendations for places I've traveled.


    Initial set up takes about 20 minutes depending on how detailed you want to be.

    Once the person who is passing along the recommendations takes the time to set up their wanderguide, then it's really easy to just share the link. But this experience is incredibly beneficial to the recipient so that the information is just there for them to use when they are both planning and while on their trip.

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  • Arnfinnur Rúnar
    Arnfinnur RúnarDesigner and animatior

    everything you need to recommend places to friends and friends of friends in a convenient location. No more google sheets about a country


    its still being developed so there isn't as much in there yet as i would like but its coming along quickly

    super simple and super convenient especially if you interact allot with tourists

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