WallSync Capture

Digitise your handwritten notes instantly

Digitise your handwritten lists, whiteboards & sticky notes. Export them into Trello, Jira or Google Sheets.
Move seamlessly from the physical to the digital world of work. Reduce manual admin, share workshop & meeting outcomes with your team instantly.
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I like anything that can shave even a few minutes of time off my day. If you want to save hours from every👏single👏day👏.. then this is for you. If you bill by the hour, then maybe not something, you would be interested in. Perfect for agile teams, or just single devs who like to write and brainstorm and need to keep a record of it.
@troy_kelly well, thank you! Yes, a lot of Agile people are using it at the moment...
Amazing product by an amazing team. This belongs into the tool belt of any product person
Tested it out and had a little play, seems super useful! Was impressed by it's ability to read my handwriting! Would love to see integrations with more platforms, is that planned?
@chris_hind what is particular integrations are you after. We have just (this week) added a basic google sheets integration. And we're working on an email based report so you can leave an informal email and have a typed up version of minutes and actions based on what was on the whiteboard or butchers paper Anything in particular you need
@geoffbullen I'd really like some sort Google Calendar integrations so I know when I took notes.
@troy_kelly oh interesting, kind of like how github shows when you have committed in a calendar?
@geoffbullen @troy_kelly A nice idea 👍. I will add it to Geoff's extensive backlog 🤣
@geoffbullen I use the Google suite of products every day, so great to hear that you've got Sheets integration! Am a big fan of the Calendar suggestion as well
Hey Product Hunt! 👋 Great to be here and excited to get your feedback! WallSync Capture uses computer vision, handwriting recognition and machine learning to help you get 💩 done! Manually typing up meeting action items or workshop sticky notes is tedious and time-consuming. More often than not, it takes hours or doesn't get done, slowing your project's progress. 🙏 We'd love to get your feedback and happy to answer questions. What makes it cool? 👉 Capture sticky notes (in columns or groups), handwritten lists or text boxes 👉 Export your notes to Trello, Jira or Google Sheets 👉 Keep or remove the image for each note How does it work? 1️⃣ Capture images notes using the app 2️⃣ Your notes are digitised in seconds 3️⃣ Add, edit or delete notes as needed 4️⃣ Export your notes to your productivity tool of choice Download the app for iPhone or Android and give it a whirl! @user, !product
By the way I will tell subscribers of http://paperlist.tilda.ws/ about your tool today. I had idea but you guys have something that is working!
@vladkorobov ah, cool - looks like we have similar thoughts! How far did you get? Any integrations that you reckon work especially well?
@geoffbullen at my side it was just an idea. I wonder what OCR engine do you use?