Wallpaper Wizard 2

Wow-worthy backgrounds for Mac


For Wallpaper Wizard 2, we curate backgrounds that are pure visual gold to spare you the tedium of image search in Google. You can pick as many wallpapers as you like, add them all to Roll, and get a gorgeous new desktop as often as you like — be it every week or every 15 minutes.

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Pavlo Grozian
Oleg Mamchich
Oleksii Schastlyvyi
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  • Pros: 

    nice interface, reminds me of spotify


    add favorite playlists to roll with less clicks

    From the overview of your favorite playlists, it would be nice to see what has been added to your roll. I see myself adding many of your curated lists and changing this over time. So it would be a matter of adding a "switch" button to add or remove the favorite playlists from my roll.