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Waldo is the world’s first no-code testing platform that lets anyone create reliable, automated mobile tests without the hassle of scripting. Every time you upload a new version, Waldo automatically replays them against every new version of your app.
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Thank you @pierrevalade for hunting us! Hello hunters, I am Amine, co-founder at Waldo. We've been hard at work improving our platform and implementing new features. Waldo the first no-code testing platform that lets anyone on your team create automated mobile tests: zero coding skills required. Instead, Waldo understands how the screens on your app are structured and the logic that connects them so to reliably replay your tests against every new version of your app. Check it out for free at waldo.io and start catching bugs. Pro tips: - 🦟 We love to play catch the bug. After you record a test, upload a new build with a bug and see if we catch it - You can add assertions to each screen and make sure your UI is rock solid - We've implemented deeplinks to give you more control over specific states.* We'd love to get some feedback on the design, onboarding and overall experience. I'm also happy to answer questions!
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Hi Product Hunters, the team at Waldo just launched a no-code testing platform. It lets anyone on your team create reliable automated mobile tests right from your browser and replay your tests automatically every time you upload a new version of your app. It tells you exactly where things went wrong so you can ship with confidence. I've seen their technology and product take shape for the last two years and it's insane. Look them up.
A massive move towards more reliable and trustworthy UI/UX. Grab it now and see for yourself...
We've been using Waldo for a few months now. Very impressive how simple it is and how it just WORKS! Keep up the good work, @amine_bellakrid and team!
@idris_mokhtarzada Happy to help truebill ship a stellar mobile app! thank you.
@Keepsafe we have been using Waldo for the past 1.5 years while in closed beta. It's an absolute game changer!!! We run over 350 UI tests every release across iOS and Android. Right now we're in the middle of a rewrite that we roll out in parallel to the existing app. So we just tested all the functionality in the rewrite too, to make sure the entire app in the previous version works and in the new version. Impossible to do this as a startup just in code or with manual testing!
@keepsafe @philippberner We are proud to help @keepsafe ship better quality app. Please keep your feedbacks and features coming! We love it.