Wakie for iOS

People waking up other people

#3 Product of the DayDecember 10, 2014
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Just had my first wake up call this morning. It was really fun. A girl from Sweden called. Neither of us knew what to say. But it got me up and it was really human.
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@mckaythomas one of the highest compliments of an app "it made me do X and it was really human"
@mckaythomas Thanks for the feedback McKay, happy to hear that Wakie makes people feel better. It's all about "pay forward" concept, people helping people.
Wakie got quite popular when first hunted on PH. They just released an iOS app!
@gregoiregilbert Gonna try this tomorrow morning, cool idea. Also quite an amusing way to freak out your girlfriend :-)
@gregoiregilbert @jasondainter Or your wife. The moment my call ended this morning my wife immediately was on the case. "Who was that?" "Will she call again?"
Pretty hyped for this to work!
I can't wait for the creepster that just sits there on the other end breathing heavy into the mic.
Interesting! :)