The simplest way ever to send reminders to friends

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damien legave
damien legave@damien_legave · CTO 94studio.com
As a married man, father of 1 and engineer with too many non-tech-savy relatives ... Nope Nope Nope ! Beside that, great app which may be very useful to organize events and things with friends !
Martin Skakala
Martin SkakalaMaker@mskakala · Founder & CEO WakesApp.com
@damien_legave Thank you Damien, Martin from @wakesapp here. I also share the similar notion about family, even though it started with my bro @johny_ska: Hey, call mom on Wednesday, she has a Bday. First use case ever! But I strongly agree on the "outside circle" like you well pointed out - certain things with friends, and communication at events, and so forth (ad hoc groups/life events). Thanks again Damien, Martin
Yogesh Mali
Yogesh Mali@yogeshmali · Software Developer
Great app Martin, just two days back incident of my siblings forgetting our parents' marriage anniversary, I had to remind them by calling. Perfect to share the reminders.
Martin Skakala
Martin SkakalaMaker@mskakala · Founder & CEO WakesApp.com
@yogeshmali exactly Yogesh, we see that everyone is just bombarded by tons of stuff going around, you also have to sometimes figure out if you should call / or send it now or later - because we all forget, does not matter if these are kids, our friends, or colleagues. I just hope this will not end up as a tool to manage kids! ;-), but seriously we got feedback from some people that the kids would manage the busy parents ;-), or a team would ping their boss! We'll wee. The great thing about it is - you do not have to call your kids again, the app pings you or they - if they are done. We want to take out the bad feeling of both reminding & also keeping in constantly in your head (as noise). Thanks again Yogesh, Martin
Jan Skakala
Jan SkakalaMaker@johny_ska · Cofounder WakesApp.com
Hey guys! Johny here, Martin's brother. I really hate to be managed & maybe I am not here the only one ;-). What I love about this - I do not have to keep track - someone wants something from my - he sends me a Wake, I do not have to write down, or remember anything. It's very comfortable and if I forget, I get a pleasant sticker to move my ass. Maybe I am on the other side of the fences, just hate to remember everything for everyone. But I feel bad if I forget, so this way it works for me, and I do not have to manage anyone! - like my bro wants :-). @damien_legave & @yogeshmali thank you for feedback and hopefully Martin will find a great use case outside the close family..
Martin Skakala
Martin SkakalaMaker@mskakala · Founder & CEO WakesApp.com
I was frustrated as my friends could not keep promises (todos) or even I forgot on my close ones. That’s why we developed the WakesApp – initially the app that wakes your friends up at the right time. The problem was we all were overwhelmed by tons of emails, text messages or messengers. WakesApp is sort of a text message with a due date. We would love to get the feedback from the PH community on both - the various use cases (friends, family, sports or school mates, even colleagues, etc.), and also the technical functionality (sms & email reminder) and design – what & where could we improve further thus we make your life even more easier & your mind worry free. Let the app be the reminder jerk! ;-)
Steven Rushing
Steven Rushing@steven_rushing · Co-Founder of Patent Monk
Question, potentially a stupid one. But I can figure out from your website (or video) if both the sender and the receiver need to download the app. Is that a requirement?
Martin Skakala
Martin SkakalaMaker@mskakala · Founder & CEO WakesApp.com
@steven_rushing it's a great question - and I fully agree, it's not clear on the web, and also in the AppStore I guess. There are 4 options: 1) Wake - exchanging reminders & chat with your contacts who use the app (we call it Wake or app 2 app Wake). 2) SMS Wake - sending reminders to people who does not have the app - text & due date from the app - is then sent via native text message/SMS. When the reminder is DUE - you get a reminder as a sender only - but you can resent or just call the person. 3) Email Wake - text & due date from the app to email address/addresses. The recipients can comment & change the status & we push it back to the app. So you can time & chat from app with other's with email. The emails are from server, not from native email client. 4) Self_Wake (just a reminder for yourself) - just a self reminder with notes, self comments. Thanks again Steven, we start to redo the complete website as you're not the only one. Great feedback! Martin