A location-based alarm clock for your iPhone

WakeMeHere is a location-based alarm clock which wakes you up at the location of your choice.

Have you ever wished to nap in public transportation without spending your brainpower on when to get out? A location-based alarm clock is the solution. Just set your destination - WakeMeHere takes care of the worry!

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You might make a collection of themed musical tones for mass transits stops. In Japan each station has its own "ringtone" that they play on the train as they enter the station. It always amazed me that people can wake out of a deep sleep and exit like a sleep walking zombie at their stop. If WakeMeHere had a set of tones for each NYC subway stop I think your product would catch on at each geographical location. You could also wrap into transit time tables so if you lost GPS signal you could still have the option of getting a wake me up tone near your stop. BTW - Love that your app is free and that you offer the ability to buy you coffee or a bag of beans. Thanks!
@stepheninoue Great Idea Stephen! Thank you for your input, lots of creative thoughts there!
Clever idea, @kie. Did a long slumber on the train inspire this? 😁
Hey @rrhoover, it actually did. I came up with the idea for this app, because I needed to ride public transportation for over an hour to university and back. And yeah, sometimes I wished I had this app already with me back then.

Since it is not time-dependent, you don't have to calculate in advance when you'll probably arrive and then set up an unreliable alarm. Up to now I had always done it this way and always had to add a lot of Buffer (it could be that the train is too early this time - which happens more often than you think). But most of the time the trains are too late and are delayed and then the alarm goes off much too early and you always set new alarm times again and this is totally crazy and it just works badly the old way.


Easy way to awake (or just get notified) just in time before my train enters the station


needs a gps signal obviously

Very useful product. Must have for those who sleep on public transport all the time.
@mildredhenderson thank you Mildred. I am glad you like it and find it useful.
I like it. Perfect for when the train breaks down & you can sleep longer. Good luck with everything..!