Salary negotiation by knowing the numbers

#4 Product of the DayApril 16, 2017
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We pull real records from the Department of Labor, we cleaned and organized salaries in terms of: Education degree, years of experience, fields, companies and location. Using these filters you can quickly narrow down to the pool of salaries that people with the same skillet and experience are getting paid. Also, it can be tempting to ask for something in the middle of the pool range, but instead you should use some records toward the top of the pool. First of all, you should assume you’re entitled to top pay. Second, your employer will almost certainly negotiate down, so you need wiggle room to still end up with a salary you’re pleased with... The direct interface for the search is at https://wagescout.com/search/ and if you are interested in knowing what are the job duties, the candidate requirement, or whether you get paid higher with more experience or higher degree or other locations for that particular job, you can check out the detailed job page at https://wagescout.com/job/softwa... That example shows how much Google is paying a Software Engineer having a Master degree, with 1 year of experience in New York. Coming to a salary negotiation with knowledge about how much someone like you should be getting paid would at least boost up your confidence in asking for more or knowing when to stop. We really hope you could benefit from the info we provide there. And for other aspects outside of salaries like companies culture or interview questions, we find Glassdoor an awesome source for preparation too. How is WageScout.com different from other salary sites like Glassdoor or LinkedIn? We are not a crowd-sourced site, we only provide the official records of real salary report with data analytics as a forever free service.
I really like this. How often are the records updated?
@omermolad we are glad that you like it. It's currently updated every quarter but we're working on getting it updated weekly based on how soon the DOL releases results in full details (experience + degree)
Cool Idea! The SEO is not good, it will help you a lot if you fix it.
@magdoub Thanks for the suggestion. We're still working hard on improving the site in different aspects to reach out to more users and enhance user experience even more, and SEO is definitely among our ongoing effort.
Great service! I think this is quite useful to get the true value of one's labor. I noticed the search is a little bit slow -- maybe because of product hunt traffic?
@benfoden We do receive a massive boost from ProductHunt these 2 days (thanks! :D), site performance might be affected a little bit but it's still loading instantly on our end. If you have trouble searching on the main page, you can use our database page for simpler and faster results: https://wagescout.com/search/ Thanks for visiting the site again guys, we really hope this could bring you some leverage at salary negotiation time.
Interesting implementation of Jobify.