Vyse Auth

A privacy first 2FA token manager built with Blockstack

Vyse Auth is a privacy focused 2FA Token Manager by Vyse powered by Blockstack's Decentralized system. With Vyse Auth, you own your data and it stays only with you, plus it's available across all your platforms including desktops, mobile and even your watch!
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Vyse Auth came out of the idea that none of the 2FA managers allow you to store security keys locally AND allow you to sync between devices. So I decided to make this app backed by Blockstack's Gaia storage to make sure the security keys always stay in control and yet the 2FA Tokens are available on all the devices with ease! The app also allows you to add tokens manually or scan QR codes on any platform! Do let me know if you like it, and what else would you like to see added to the app!