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#4 Product of the DayMay 21, 2016
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Hey guys! Wow, didn't expect to be on Product Hunt today at all, so we were definitely NOT ready for this. Sorry! (Also not sure how to set myself and Jack Paxton below as the maker, we're PH noobs). This started as a side project because as a brand owner I HATED the current contest solutions out there. They looked ugly and lacked features such as letting me install my FB retargeting pixel. We also weren't sold on the widgetized options out there and thought a "funnel" would be better for conversion. We made this tool internally at my last startup and recently decided to launch it to the public. We've already helped some of our early beta testers get between 900-5,000 emails with their contests. As a thank you to PH members, we want to offer a free managed contest where we help you execute on your contest, fix your design, and come up with strategy. People who have taken me up on this offer so far have gotten over 900 emails to their list. As a Product Hunt special, I'll set you up with a pro LIFETIME account (currently not offered) for $99 one-time instead of having to pay the $29 subscription. Send me an email after you've created an account -- to kevin@vyper.io -- and I'll help you upgrade! I won't accept anymore requests after June 1st. PS. We fixed the errors you had mentioned below (SSL certificate and sign up error). We're in beta testing, so you guys may see some errors.
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@mrkevinhype pretty cool! Any tutorials or examples on other use cases?
@ariaitch We have content on our blog that can help, but we're still beefing up our tutorial base: http://vyper.io/blog/the-primer-...
@mrkevinhype @vyper This is a very cool tool. And that $99 one-time offer is also really tempting. Trying to figure out if this is something my agency can take advantage of in the near future. Well done, Kevin!
@bradmichelson Thanks! If you're not sure yet, send me a quick email kevin@vyper.io and I can get you set up if you decide to use us.
@mrkevinhype @vyper hi - I just setup my context http://vyper.io/c/157 but cannot see the twitter + fb links can you check ? looks really good !
I'm going to try this out for a contest starting next month. Will get back with an update to those interested (here's to hoping that I remember!) :)
@sunebthorsen Please do. If you send me your email I'll personally help you, mine is kevin@vyper.io
@mrkevinhype @vyper Might hit you up a few days before we launch just to be sure everything is fine-tuned ;) In the meantime, I did actually send a support ticket. Looking forward to hearing back on it. Oh, and keep improving - the system is fantastic so far!
curious where and how emails flow when collected - site does not make this clear - does it simply integrate with mailchimp or similar services? into a file for export?
@passingnotes It's directly integrated with Mailchimp & Aweber, but there's also a CSV export option. Thanks for the feedback and we'll make it more clear in our next iteration.
@mrkevinhype thanks - could be just a text snippet right in the home page description - looks awesome and eager to find a personal use case to try it out
Looks like this product is more relevant for a B2C product / service. Do you have any case study / research that this can also help B2B / SaaS based products ?
@_vineetshukla We are currently targeting more B2C companies, but this can definitely work for B2B SaaS products with the right marketing. We're not ready with any case studies yet, but we'll have some soon. If you email me - kevin@vyper.io - I'd be happy to email you case studies when we're ready.
Hey this is very cool and I think can be very useful! I had designed something like this for our prelaunch campaign and I am glad someone created this. Will definitely try it out! Will be interested in some details
@kausmukherjee Awesome thank you! You can email me kevin@vyper.io if you need any help.