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Kevin @ VYPER@mrkevinhype · Digital marketer
Hey guys! Wow, didn't expect to be on Product Hunt today at all, so we were definitely NOT ready for this. Sorry! (Also not sure how to set myself and Jack Paxton below as the maker, we're PH noobs). This started as a side project because as a brand owner I HATED the current contest solutions out there. They looked ugly and lacked features such as letting m… See more
Ari@ariaitch · Director of Marketing & eCommerce
@mrkevinhype pretty cool! Any tutorials or examples on other use cases?
Kevin @ VYPER@mrkevinhype · Digital marketer
@ariaitch We have content on our blog that can help, but we're still beefing up our tutorial base:
BradMichelson@bradmichelson · Co-Founder of
@mrkevinhype @vyper This is a very cool tool. And that $99 one-time offer is also really tempting. Trying to figure out if this is something my agency can take advantage of in the near future. Well done, Kevin!
Kevin @ VYPER@mrkevinhype · Digital marketer
@bradmichelson Thanks! If you're not sure yet, send me a quick email and I can get you set up if you decide to use us.
Steve RAFFNER@steveraffner · Senior Innovation Consultant
@mrkevinhype @vyper hi - I just setup my context but cannot see the twitter + fb links can you check ? looks really good !
Kevin @ VYPER@mrkevinhype · Digital marketer
@steveraffner You may not have setup your facebook and twitter links correctly. You need to include the link without any @ symbols.
Kevin @ VYPER@mrkevinhype · Digital marketer
@steveraffner I also noticed you haven't set up opt-in bribes correctly. I can show you how if you email me
Dillon Carter@dillon_carter · Entrepreneur
@vyper This looks amazing. I can't wait to start using it!
Kevin @ VYPER@mrkevinhype · Digital marketer
@dillon_carter Thank you Dillon!
Ram Gangisetty@ramgangisetty · EdTech Startup Co-Founder.
@mrkevinhype Is the offer still available?