VWO Deploy

Make quick website changes without IT help

With an intuitive, no-code editor, VWO Deploy lets you quickly tweak your websites (make changes, add widgets) without waiting upon IT. Plus, you can also choose to target segments of visitors who need to see the change and exclude the ones who needn't.
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Hello hunters, Often marketing and product teams want to do quick fixes to their websites - a typo here, an error there, some additions to money pages or refresh outdated information that is no longer relevant. VWO Deploy is built just for that. With a no-code, point and click editor, you can quickly edit websites without relying on developers. Teams wanting to relay information quickly in COVID times will find the software incredibly useful.
We've decided to launch VWO Deploy as a free product till the covid-19 pandemic lasts. Feedback from the PH community is gold for us - let us know how you'd like to use VWO Deploy! Thank you all.
The landing page looks awesome. This level of design and UX was unexpected... respect for Wingify :)
@sandeeps Thanks for the compliment. Hope you find the product useful. Also, I will beg to differ from your other comment as the company location is hardly a barrier nowadays. The Indian SaaS companies are fully equipped and at multiple places out beating Valley counterparts.
Agreed, I removed the controversial part of the comment :). But, Would like to further add on that... Even the companies are fully equipped and no barrier of geography. But still we hardly notice design which inspires... if you remove the few names...
@sparshgupta1 Sparsh, this looks cool! If I understand this right, you could use something like Google Tag Manager to add the JS snippet on the pages and you get to make changes on the page content without deploying a code push. Would that be correct? Also, would Google be able to crawl the updated content without any issues?
@tmatthewj Yes, that's correct, and VWO Deploy is similar except, it gives you a visual editor to modify the website, add elements, and target the changes to a segment. The visual editor generated JS, which the VWO tag pulls and executes on the page (like GTM example you mentioned). The product also gives you easy controls to manage when to make the changes live, when to pull back, who will see them, etc. As far as crawlers, if they execute JS, they will see the updated content. Google and most modern web crawlers run JS, and hence we don't see this as a challenge.
Does it need a specific CMS?
@cxmemories No, it does not depend on how the existing page is created. You need to install a one time JS tag on the website, and once done, all changes can be configured and released using the product.
all the best VWO / Wingify team