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You search a lot while coding. Asking Google. Reading documentation. StackOverflow. Looking through old repos. You often check the same thing again and again. Stop. Just Vsnipp it and have your stuff in one place.

Hi Product Hunt 👋🐈 We are a couple currently traveling through South East Asia and developing stuff. The Vsnipp is our first one. It was created in December but we were postponing launching it here 😉. Recently there is a lot of press about how important and intimidating is launching on PH. It probably is important, but as it's our first project we decided to just go for it. Most of all we wanted to say hi to Product Hunt community and gather feedback about the Vsnipp. We want to develop, iterate, create and learn from our mistakes. It would be a shame to leave something we worked on for some time at the bottom of the closet 😉. Vsnipp is our take on code snippets manager. As a developer I thought I could use it, so we built it. As I code in different languages and frameworks daily I tend to forget things like how to start a new virtualenv in Python, how to make a certain plot or how to start new Neural Network project. I google a lot but sometimes it's time-consuming and hard to find dependable solutions for the second time. Also, if you work in the multi-project team (like me) your solutions and good practices are spread throughout different repositories. We build Vsnipp for individual developers and teams. To gather programming knowledge in one place. Hope you will enjoy 😃. So, bring it on 😃. If you find our product useful and would like to purchase here is 50% coupon 'catpeople'. If you manage to visit our landing page or register please write it here. Meanwhile, we will work some more on Vsnipp and other stuff. Thank you 🙏 Jeremi & Klaudia
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@_jeerr Hello Jeremy, congrats for the launch! I could definitely use Vsnipp as a daily basis.. Unfortunately, I haven't received the confirmation email yet - is something broken on your side?
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@thook Thanks for the kind words😄We encountered many bugs but the confirmation emails were pretty reliable. If the message is not in a SPAM folder let me know I will activate your account manually.
@_jeerr Hi Jeremy, I would love to give it a try but I'm having the same issue not receiving the confirmation email.
@_jeerr NVM, got it just now. :)
@kennethhere Great! It takes few minutes sometimes. Let me now how you like it or not 😃