Quick & Actioanable VSCode Tips In GIF

Quick And Actionable VSCode Tips & Tricks collection in GIF.
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Edmond Lau, in his book The Effective Engineer. One of the point he said in his book is “Invest in Iteration Speed”. One of the way to increase our iteration speed is “Invest in time saving tools”. Visual Studio Code, is of the tools that a lot of developer uses every single day to write their code. So for developer, it makes sense a lot of sense to invest some of their time to learn some Visual Studio Code shortcuts. But, finding a good resources to learn this useful shortcuts, extension, and in video / gif format takes time. That's why I created vscode.xyz. Hope you guys find it useful.I’d really really love to hears your feedback here :). Whether you find it useful, not useful, or you have some VSCode tips? Or anything. Any kind of feedback would be really appreciated.
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