Voye Clutch (Kickstarter)

Leather handbag designed for your iPhone

"With the Voye. It’s like your phone is not in your purse – because it is your purse. The Voye fits in the palm of your hand as a clutch, can be worn over your shoulder with a detachable strap, but is also slim enough to use as a wallet and be tucked into your everyday bag." The video on Kickstarter highlights all its features.
Hey everyone. Have been working on this for while and so happy to share. We started out by asking "What would a purse look like if it was invented today?" and got to work building from there. The Voye's a wearable, but more fashion that fits your tech. We wanted the Voye to be centered around woman's real world behaviour and to build mobile function into the traditional handbag. It’s a different approach to wearable tech, built on convenience and innovation in the construction of a handbag. The game changer is that the Voye allows a woman to text, snap pictures (with flash), and see notifications without ever having to take her iPhone out of the bag. Plus the has added bonus of being able to carry all her essentials . We also built in easy access to the headphone and power jacks. There's a long road map beyond this. We wanted to start here, but are working on a more connected V2. Would love your feedback. Fire away!