Voxel Max

Build. Shape. Inspire.

Voxel Max is an incredibly powerful, beautiful and easy to use voxel art editor designed exclusively for iPad & iPhone.
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3 Reviews5.0/5
Great voxel editor for iOS! 🙂 I do recommend!
Very powerful voxel editor, especially on a mobile platform! Pressure sensitive strokes, modifiable Control points, full version history with playback, and fluid rotation are all unique to this outstanding tool.
Simply the best iOS voxel app — and I've tried all there are at the moment.
The best mobil voxel app I've been working with! Very large object dimension, intuitive UI, voxel live rotation (!), ability to view the playback of your work, and many other things available/in development; I highly recommend it! :)
I have made some voxel designs in voxelmax and I am very happy, the application is very nice and clean, it is the best I have seen for iOS. :)