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Finding podcasts shouldn't be difficult. Algorithms and sponsored content spoil and dilute the listening experience. Vox Pods solves this with "Vox Populi", five culturally significant, thematically oriented podcasts. Weekly. Match Maker allows you to swipe left or right, and find new podcasts, matching your tastes with others.

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NSSephMaker@seph_joe_ · Just a dev
Hey PH'ers 👋, We're Vox Pods, a new way of discovering podcasts. I always found it difficult to find new content, especially after I'd binged on a series. So I decided to try and solve this. The app gives you recommendations based on your listening history, and the listening history of other users. Weekly, there's a new "Vox Populi". This is a section that gives you 5 culturally significant, and thematically oriented podcasts. History of this includes themes around internet culture and esoteric aspects of the internet, with podcasts from Reply All and others. This week, in the spirit of the new year, it's all about motivation, a la "New Year, New Me". We're looking to team up with creators and publishers, to create the ultimate discovery platform, and your use will help! Let us know what you think!
Opeyemi Sanusi
Opeyemi Sanusi@opeyemi_sanusi
I think it’s a nice idea. Did you make this?
Singh Pankaj
Singh Pankaj@singhpankaj99 · Marketeer, Growth Hacking at QuickCode
nice idea, something like this is needed for sure! Looks good on the first impression. Downloaded the app and would be checking it out for more in-depth experience.
Yash Bhardwaj
Yash Bhardwaj@yash · Growth at Bounceless.io
How are you guys understanding which Podcasts I enjoy the most? Plus how are you using that data to find more that I'd like. Because many a times I myself don't know what I'm looking for so swiping left right is not that efficient to determine my taste
NSSephMaker@seph_joe_ · Just a dev
@yash hey! Great question. So, for the recommendation game much of it is content based filtering, so it’s quite a broad stroke in its recommendations. The “similar” button uses ALS for collaborative filtering, similar to what Amazon uses for recommending products to you. We base a like off either a subscription to a podcast, or if you listen to a certain podcast a number of times. As were new, your recommendations will probably be a little broad, but the more you listen (and the more others listen) the better it will get. If you have any feature requests, let me know either here or @VoxPodsApp on twitter!
Pierre Hedkvist
Pierre Hedkvist@pierre_hedkvist
Not available in my country (Sweden), why? 😢
NSSephMaker@seph_joe_ · Just a dev
@pierre_hedkvist hmm, that shouldn’t be the case! I’ll update now so you can get it 😃