VOX Music Player for iPad

High resolution, compression-less music player for iPad

VOX for iPad is finally launched. A unique audio engine is designed to play your favorite Hi-Res music with no compression at all. Plus, keep all your tracks in Unlimited Cloud with the original quality. Enjoy the full music power on iPad with a new outlook.
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8 Reviews4.4/5
Our engineers did a great job of delivering all features of the original VOX Music Player on iPad - lossless sounding, custom equalizer, unlimited cloud storage, and more. From NOW on, you can enjoy the uncompromised sound quality of your music on any Apple device - Mac, iPhone, or iPad.
Great iPad experience, love it!
Awesome app
Since my iPad follows me wherever I go, I am very excited to use it. At first glance, it looks great.
It was like instagram on iPad and now VOX is great on iPad. Instagram — you are the last.