Vow Dating App

Take first impressions to another level

Vow is the only app that will make a difference in digital dating. How? By leveraging your intuition. It’s time to put your heart before your eyes and pay attention to what the person in front of you has to say. You won’t find micro transactions here, only committed individuals looking for real, heartfelt relationships.

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6 Reviews5.0/5

Love the fact that all videos have to be approved by an admin. Definitely helps with the quality of the platform. Also, how great is it that they set up the date for you? So once you make a connection, you don't even need to worry about where to go. They send you and automated invite.


Better first impressions for sure, LOVE the design.


Still fairly new

@raydawg88 Thank you so much for posting this. You are a gentleman and a scholar! Its exciting to be part of the product hunt community. If anyone has any questions about our platform, or just wants to know how to score some great dates, let us know. We are in the early stages so stay with us as we prepare to shake things up in this crowded and stale industry.
Great design, new take on old idea
Hey Product Hunters we are launching something in the same space and would love your feedback! https://www.producthunt.com/post...