Votum for Slack

Crowdsourced lists with upvotes, inside Slack

Votum is a Slack app that enables you to run polls, crowdsource ideas, questions, feedback, meeting agendas, etc. – all without leaving Slack.

How-to use it: https://blog.votum.app/how-to/

Hi Product Hunt! 👋 I'm the maker behind Votum, a Slack app for crowdsourcing and upvoting ideas, meeting topics, questions or basically anything your teammates can help with. Votum is especially helpful if you need to: - Collect questions for all hands/town hall/AMA meetings - Collect and prioritize meeting topics - Prepare retrospective agendas in advance - Collect ideas and run idea tournaments with your team - Decide on time and location for your next team activity - Vote to prioritize proposals - Use Votum Web view to print/present proposals and votes in a meeting - Run anonymized voting to ensure everyone gets a voice - Collect anonymous feedback/questions Give it a try, and let me know any thoughts and questions you have! 🖖