Remind your friends to cast their vote 🗳️


See which friends live in swing districts and need your reminder to vote.

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Eric Schoonover
Aditya C
Jason Putorti
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  • Pros: 

    Easy to use, effective.


    It won't use itself, get going!

    Vote With Me matches your phone contacts with an excellent voter file and can show you who you need to turn out in any given election. Given the biggest problem in any election isn't registration, but just getting registered voters out to the polls, this is a crucial tool. It's also much better to get a message from a friend vs. a campaign. The crowdsourcing of who's been contacted through Vote With Me is also a great touch.

    As someone who built this in 2011, but using Facebook friends, I know it's a great a tool, but it's up to passionate folks to use it and turn out their friends, it won't use itself. Get going.

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  • Albert J. Wong
    Albert J. WongI write code

    Easy to use! You get to see info about yourself too.


    Matching friends is sometimes a miss, but it's easy to work around.

    It's a great way to see who in your friend sphere might be in a critical campaign and then gently nudge them (with your explicit permission) to vote. Yay!

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  • Aditya C
    Aditya CInvestor | Tech Lead at Microsoft |

    Nice UI


    Where is the privacy policy?

    Would like to know how the app handles the data it gets access to?

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