Hilarious videos about the BS of startup life

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Thanks Dmitry and hello Product Hunters! If you're sick of pivots, unicorns, hackathons, mission statements, and “it's like Uber for ____” pitches, you're gonna love Vooza. We make funny videos that call bullsh*t on the tech world. We've been mentioned by tech world bigwigs like Tim Ferriss, David Karp, Jason Fried, Steve Case, and plenty more. And we've gotten millions of views and been featured in Wired, NY Times, Entrepreneur, etc. Some of the buzz on Vooza: “Comedic genius” -Forbes “A must watch” -The Next Web “Hilarious” -Huffington Post So if you need a quick break from all that startup Kool Aid, check out our site. We put a new video up every Wednesday. And fyi, we also make branded content and custom videos for tech companies that “get it.” And we'd love your feedback on the videos too. If you have questions or comments, you can email me personally at matt[at]vooza.com. You can also tweet me @voozahq (lots of funny startup jokes there too) or @mattruby. OK, we could insert some "we're making a dent in the universe in a meaningful way” statement here but you know that's crap so just check us out for a laugh or two and then get back to work. ; )
@mattruby @voozahq I remember when your second video came out some time ago (Radimparency) and I thought it was hilarious but never saw anything else for some reason. Super excited to see you all have been cranking out content. Binge watch here I come!
@andrewkemendo Right on. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you stay in the loop ➜ http://eepurl.com/keGTj
LOL @ "jam sess" (from the first video). cc @sacca @mazzeo (for the record: I like jam sessions)
@rrhoover @sacca @mazzeo Thanks, Ryan. Pumped to be featured here at PH.
I'm a big fan since years. It's funny that Vooza just now appears on PH, for many folks I know it is already a startup classic. Anyway, it is a 100% recommendation for everyone who lives behind a tech startup distortion's field - the videos show how much BS is going on every day and makes great fun of it.
@skreutzb Thanks, Seb. Your comment is exactly what we're going for so great to hear. May even have to start using the phrase "startup distortion field." Haha.
@skreutzb I freakin' love these, this is probably one of my favorites: http://vooza.com/videos/power-pose/
Watched the first few, pretty funny.
@rueter Thanks Steven. Appreciate that. New eps every Wednesday so come on back.
@mattruby you guys should really do one about startup failures. Entrepreneurs love to talk about their startup failures that led to their eventual success.
@rueter Oh yeah, got one just like that here: http://vooza.com/videos/fail-har... ...any other suggested topics?
Just hilarious. Never heard about Vooza before 😄
@jberrebi Thanks and welcome to the Vooza fold. Subscribe here if ya want to be first to know on our future stuff: http://eepurl.com/keGTj Rock on.
@mattruby Happy to see Vooza on PH. Just subscribed 😀