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VOOM Smart Coffee Scale is designed for experienced brewers and newcomers alike, VOOM helps you keep track of all your important brewing data, enables you to download brewing profiles from the community, and - most importantly - empowers you to brew consistently delicious coffee.

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Paul Horne@paulhorne · Writer
You might want to make avideo that’s more friendly to the average coffee drinker. I’m not sure what the benefit is of weighing the coffee throughout the process of brewing…
Terry LiMaker@moonstreaker · CEO, Voom Works
@paulhorne Thanks for the suggestion. We are making a series of such videos and they will be up soon.
Terry LiMaker@moonstreaker · CEO, Voom Works
Hey everyone. Really glad to put our baby here on Product Hunt. If you anyone of you have questions or comments, don't hesitate to let me know. I'll be happy to answer them. Thank you!
Ryan Stenson@ryanstenson · Product Manager at Earnest
@moonstreaker how does this improve on the Acaia scales?
Terry LiMaker@moonstreaker · CEO, Voom Works
@ryanstenson All of the "smart" scales today are basically a traditional scale + bluetooth connection, meaning that data or features are done using smart phone. We have all these features built right in and displayed on the scale's LCD screen, so you don't have to use a smart phone when you are brewing coffee. In addition, for each coffee you might want to go with different brewing process to bring the best flavor out. With VOOM, you can use to replicate other's people's brewing process (e.g. suggested by the roaster, world famous barista, etc.), improving yours, and share it with other people, which makes it not only very practical, but it's social and fun. Please check out our Kickstarter page. There are a lot more information listed. And don't hesitate to ask any questions you might have. I'd be happy to answer them.
Alan Houser@pixelmelter · Founder - Designer at Squareflair