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Voodle is the short video app for business. Teams use Voodle to quickly capture, share and discover important moments as they happen, keeping them in-sync and aligned. If Slack & Tiktok had a baby, it might just be Voodle! Free during our preview release.
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I was inspired to build voodle after a trip i took to Chongqing China in the fall; my son and I were just flabbergasted by the number and frequency of users engaged in short-video content on their phones, everywhere. The tiktok phenomena felt like something that would have a moral equivalent in how we talk/share/communicate at work. Slack fatigue sets in because text is booorrrring and slow to process; zoom fatigue sets in because of the cognitive stress of trying to replace real face-to-face with the simulacra of video squares in a grid. Voodle is intended as a compliment/extension to these, and other forms of team comms, along a continuum of high-to-low engagement cost, and high-to-low synchronousness. Our magic quadrant is async+knowledge sharing, as opposed to synchronous ephemeral meetings/discussion. If we get the product right, voodles will be highly searchable and actionable, at any time the viewer wants to gain the insights... as opposed to ephemeral and highly NOT actionable video meetings that dissapear from our view the minute you hit the "end meeting" button. It's been an amazing 3 months sprint to get this first version out and our team feels we've built something that is interesting and that we can be proud of. But now we get to find out if it is actually compelling to our users! We are eager for any and all feedback, thank you for trying out Voodle!
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It is such an easy, fun way to share quick snippets of information and feedback with one or more of your colleagues. Love how we can stay connected with our colleagues in this "work remote" environment through Voodle. Love the simplicity.
@s_somasegar we are working hard to keep it simple and not over-engineer things. Thanks for the feedback!
Not only will Voodle have a tremendous impact on companies looking for a more efficient way to communicate and share information, but also as a way to remain connected with others. As a college student I also see the benefits in utilizing Voodle as a way to remain connected with friends and family. It is basically a combination of all the great qualities we see in Snapchat and TikTok. However, I find it to be even more beneficial in that in a short Voodle video you can say a lot more than what you would send in a Snapchat that eventually disappears. Similar to TikTok, all Voodle videos created are easily accessible and visible to all members of the group. What separates Voodle to me in the ability to efficiently engage with others through short videos, rather than long zoom calls, emails and even snapchats where information can be lost in translation. Voodle has come at a pivotal time, where social dynamics and the way we communicate is continuing to evolve and adapt. Voodle is a great way to remain connected both in the workplace and outside of it in a way that is efficient and well organized.
@camila_casanueva Thanks so much for the feedback!
Finally the merging of tools I'm used to using for personal and social with work content in a way that feels balanced. Sharing is fast and fun... AND productive. It's almost like work just got easier -- and man could we all use a little easier.
It’s extremely simple to onboard and use. I love the transcription feature. Trying it out as a painless way to capture ideas on the fly, and then share with people
@emopaul thanks!! we are very curious if creative teams will find voodle valuable as a place to capture moments of inspiration.