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Steve WuPro@stevewu22 · Founder-in-Residence, Atomic
How is this different than using Google Assistant or Siri?
UgurMaker@feelnx · Entrepreneur
Hey Steve 👋🏻 I almost never use Google Assistant or Siri, I can't think of a case that one can utilize them the same way (especially in speed) Voitex does. Using Voitex you pick a language and speak in that language as if you were typing in it. Cyrillic, UK English etc. with all different types as it gets. Then, you can share, edit, do whatever with it.
Pascal Andy@_pascalandy · Cofounder at a "stealth startup"
As this app is not free, you guys need to do a showcase video with people using it from many language/cultured. Cheers
UgurMaker@feelnx · Entrepreneur
Hey everyone!🕺 This is my first submission, I am excited😁 Voitex is a simple and efficient way to record anything into its own language. You can use it to fasten your workflow instead of typing. I find it useful especially in brainstorming. 🚀
Arthur De Araujo@arthur_de_araujo · iOS Developer
@feelnx if I may ask, what tool did you use to translate the audio into text? Google's is awesome but costly.
Danny Richman@dannyrichman
Would have bought this if I could have tested it before purchase
UgurMaker@feelnx · Entrepreneur
@dannyrichman Hey Danny👋🏻 I can’t lie for sympathy or anything. I just build something and put the price tag for it. Never saw actual in-app purchase or freemium model suitable for this; I can say I am not a fan of those.✌🏻
Krishna De@krishnade · Social business & live video strategist
So when it has done the transcription is it possible to email or share the transcription in some way and are past transcripts saved in the app?
UgurMaker@feelnx · Entrepreneur
@krishnade Hey👋🏻 you can paste, open the Notes app, use the Mail app, use the chat app and so on with the share button. I didn't find the "save last recordings" or "create a text editor" that much useful with a share button, so I didn't put it there.
Krishna De@krishnade · Social business & live video strategist
@feelnx Thanks for clarifying