Telegram bot that converts voice messages to text

Voicy converts any voice messages, audio files and video messages it gets to text.

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Hello everyone! I've built @voicybot because I got tired of listening to all the voice messages in our Telegram chat — sometimes it wasn't even possible (I was on a meeting, lecturing, generally working). Sooo I decided it was worth spending a couple of nights to build the bot that automatically converts all the voice messages it gets into text. At first it only accepted voice messages but as the users started to provide me with the feedback I also implemented audio files recognition as well as recognition of files shared from other apps (like WhatsApp). I launched it last week and it is already installed at over 4000 chats and converts ~250 voice messages per hour on average. It uses two voice recognition engines (wit.ai and Google Speech) and supports over 80 languages and dialects. Works in private and public groups and channels as well as in private messages with the bot. Whereas wit.ai is free to use, Google Speech charges money for the voice recognition. All users get 60 seconds for free but then have to cover Google Speech costs, unfortunately. However, exclusively for Product Hunt community I've got you a 50% discount on the first 100,000 seconds of Google Speech recognition. You can get it by following the special Product Hunt link here: https://voicybot.com/ph.html. Again, if you use wit.ai as your voice recognition engine, @voicybot is completely free. Please use Google Speech only if you use the bot for commercial reasons and need to receive better quality of the voice recognition. Let me know if you like this bot or if you have any questions — you've got my full attention and I will answer your comments as soon as I can. Thank you a lot!
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@nikitakolmogorov @voicybot This is huge man! Finally! Many thanks
@vladzima you are very welcome! 😄 Please, let me know if you experience any difficulties with the bot 😉
if this works, im gonna find you. and hug you. EDIT: wouldnt it be possible to have every user use their own google speech api key? that way everyone could get 60min for free each month. also do you have a recommendation on how to get started learning about telegram bot development?
@gopietz it would definitely be possible. Great idea! I'll try to implement it later today. Will keep you posted 😄 This bot was written with Node.js. Two best resources about learning how to build bots would be YouTube with plenty of Node.js tutorials and official Telegram bot API 😉
@gopietz Ugh... just had a look into Google Speech credentials. Unfortunately, it looks like instead of just providing users with a simple API key Google Speech team decided to make the process more complicated and restrict the access to the API only by json files credentials. In order to get this relatively long file users have to get to developers console, enable Google Speech API, create a service account, obtain Google Speech API credentials json file, then they will have to enter such API key to Telegram. I feel like it is too much pain and users will definitely freak out from the amount of actions they need to perform. When creating a service I follow one simple rule: if service needs a tutorial, I'm doing something wrong. Maybe you know an easier way to obtain Google API key for users? If there is one out there, I'll try to implement it in a separate bot command :)
@gopietz just fyi, it is now possible :)
I was playing with Voicy with some friends (cc @liveink) the other day and it works pretty well. I often prefer dropping voice notes in Telegram and other messaging apps but audio consumption is very awkward for recipients. Would love to see this built-in to other communication apps.
@rrhoover thanks for the comment! Integrating Voicy to other chat platforms is on the roadmap 😄 it shouldn't be that hard as most of the difficulties are already bypassed (I.e. Voice recognition). The only thing that would be different is the chat bot API.
This is great because it saves me a lot of time!