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Your voice collaboration platform


Voicea is the platform behind EVA, your Enterprise Voice Assistant.

Invite EVA to a meeting and EVA listens in, takes notes and identifies action items.

Following your meeting, the Voicea platform helps you organize, edit and share highlights to enable better post-meeting collaboration.

Would you recommend this product?

I love the premise of this product and how it incorporates AI to

transcribe and highlight key points. By doing so, it also provides

an ability for meeting attendees to focus and remain present, since

Eva gives them a record for review after the meeting as a means

for capturing/highlighting key points that pertain to them. The voice

activation and subsequent tools for highlighting, debriefing and

review are all well designed. I look forward to recommending this to

many business owners!


Simple Interface

Works w/ several online meeting platforms

Menu-driven sign up process

Can be incorporated into calendar invites seamlessly


Attendees may not like to have a meeting recorded

CEO of SafeGraph. fmr CEO of LiveRamp

highly recommend one tries it out


great service. great team. super responsive


have to remember to invite Voicera to meetings


I love, love, love this tool. I used it on 5 calls today. The word cloud was very enlightening, and I love the search feature. The problems: The transcript feature didn't seem to work. There doesn't seem to be a way to add an agenda at the end even though it says you should. It wasn't intuitive to figure out where you could manually add a highlight (had to search for a word then the options would pop up). Several times I purposefully used the voice cues to highlight things. They disappeared after processing, though they were up there for a while.


Easy, fast, passive, helpful


Not all the features work, cut off one call


After removing our account, we kept having EVA join the calls and recording. After a series of emails with their support, nothing was done to resolve the problem. As it turned out, even though the Voicera account was "removed" the existing Gsuite API integration was still active. I had to remove those permissions via Gsuite on our side. They have also not been able to confirm that all existing call recordings have been deleted. Be wary of this if you sign up. The service seems good, but if you decide it isn't, you need to be very careful in API permission management.


interface is fairly intuitive, integrations are seamless


Not all features work, transcription is mediocre at best, not effective for conference rooms with multiple people talking via one device.

I love trying out new products
Voicea will no longer be available. Otherwise It was great