Voice Principles

Guiding principles for voice design, all in one place

Designing a voice interface? Here's a useful list of lists: as many guiding principles as we could find, all in one place. List compiled and edited by Ben Sauer @bensauer.

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FIRST! congratulations on the launch! designing for voice is definitely interesting Graeme! This is the future! this will change how we practice design. Design conversations since 1970's. Dude you are like wizard of oz man! <3 I like how other companies are using this. Thank you for making this lists!
@fajarsiddiq haha I didn't make this one, it's by Ben Sauer. I came across it when writing my article on voice prototyping

When I was working on an article about designing for voice, this was an amazing resource - it summarises principles from all over the web into a simple consistent format


Best curation of voice design principles around



🙌 🙌 🙌
Imma utilize this for @hicezan -- thanks for this!