VOCHI Video Effects

Edit objects in videos in real-time on mobile devices 🚀

"👉🏻 Tap any object in your video and apply an effect.
🔮 The app uses its own algorithms for object segmentation.
😱 The average motion designer spends about 4 hours to add a glitch on a single object in a 15-sec video. VOCHI does it in 15 seconds!"
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41 Reviews4.9/5
Hi there! I’m Ilya, and I’m the CEO at VOCHI. We love videos…a lot. We love to post eye-catching, mind-bending stuff, and to see the reactions of our friends. And it’s not just us. Video content is booming worldwide! One of the biggest challenges for all video-makers is to create unique content that makes them stand out against the crowd of already amazing videos out there. Driven by our own passion for awesome videos, we decided to come up with a solution. And, after several months of hard work, we created our beloved app – VOCHI Video Effects app! VOCHI Video Effects is a new intuitive tool that helps create viral videos and engaging content using a computer-vision-based video segmentation algorithm that allows users to apply effects on single objects in real-time. To get this stunning result, VOCHI comes equipped with two trained CNNs that perform Semi-supervised Video Object Segmentation and Instance Segmentation. Our team also developed a custom rendering engine for video effects that enables instant application in 1080p on mobile devices, making video editing that much faster. Now, that we’ve got our firstborn up and running on iOs devices, the Android baby is already in progress. So, please, give it a go. We hope you love it just as much as we do! And once you’ve tried it out, please get in touch. We’d love to hear just what you think of our little creation (messages of support are also encouraged). P.S. Don't forget to use the 'producthunt' promo code and try out an exclusive effect our team created just for the PH community.
Interesting implementation! Cool mechanics with promo codes for viral growth! Object recognition works cool, it seems that you did a great job! Good luck, guys!!
@akuheika thank you so much! Stay tuned for more collaborations and promo codes :)
This is one of the most user-friendly apps of its kind. very easy to use
@emma_castiglione Thank you so much! We will continue to improve our design))
Ever felt like you aren't good enough to be a creator? Well, just download this app to rock TikTok and get your buzz. (speed up to do that before anybody else does)
@alexander_nevedovsky1 Thank you very much. We're waiting for your TikTok/Instagram videos :) Don't forget to use #vochi_effects
Congrats on a great product, Ilya! The effects are super cool - excited to see how the app will be perceived by users. Best of luck!
@anastasiya_bardunova thank you! We will do all best ! :)