Easily add your favorite video clips to any conversation.

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Vlipsy is the best way to search and share iconic quotes from your favorite movies, shows, and videos on the internet and in chat. Reply with vlips (video clips) on any platform to add short expressive videos to your texts, tweets, snaps and comments.

  • Jason D. Luna
    Jason D. LunaCOO, Rapid RMS

    • It's fun

    • More expressive than a gif

    • It's pronunciation isn't devisive.

    • Best of all, you can make any youtube video a Vlip


    It plays a clip 3 times in a row. Sometimes that's annoying.

    Wish they had Slack integration. (update: Now Vlipsy integrates with Slack)

    I've already made several "Vlips" and broadcast them out to friends/coworkers using the Vlipsy iOS keyboard app and Slack. The website is really simple, straightforward and easy to use.

    Jason D. Luna has used this product for one month.
  • Shannon Lyons
    Shannon LyonsCOO @Flashstarts

    Once you VLIPSY you can't go back. In those moments where sarcasm is lost in translation through text- VLIPSY saves the day!


    So many VLIPS, so little time.

    Although this is an amazingly fun way to communicate, I think about the opportunity for advertisers to create content in a different way. If content is funny and memorable - the potential reach on VLIPSY could be significant.

    Shannon Lyons has used this product for one month.
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Chris Nickless
Chris NicklessMaker@chrisnickless · CEO & Co-Founder @ Vlipsy
Hey Product Hunt! I'm Co-Founder/CEO at Vlipsy and pumped to be here. We made Vlipsy as a way to easily share your favorite quotes as they were meant to be heard, with sound 🔊. We love sending quotes to each other, but the process for finding and clipping what we wanted has always been tedious and annoying. Today, we are proud to announce Vlipsy makes sending short form video as easy as sending an emoji or GIF. We’ve just launched our full apps on iOS and Android! Other messaging integrations are soon to follow 😀. Here are a few features we offer in the apps: • Easily search by expression, emotion or theme • Share directly to any social media or messaging platform • Playlists for quick responses I’m here to answer any questions and welcome any thoughts/feedback you might have about the product/space.
Matthew Tew
Matthew TewMaker@tewlegit · CTO, Vlipsy
Hey everyone! I'm Matt, co-founder of Vlipsy. Thanks for hunting us, Nick! We have an easy creator on our site (mobile coming soon) where you can create your own vlips from a YouTube video. We used to always try to send YouTube videos in messaging and it was too bloated - timestamps in the URL helped but it was far from perfect. We built Vlipsy to solve this and work more like GIFs. We would love to get your feedback. We'll be on Product Hunt all day today answering questions - ask away!
Nick Abouzeid
Nick AbouzeidHunterPro@nickabouzeid · Partner @ Shrug Capital
Vlipsy is like GIPHY, but for video clips 👏 I (and most the Product Hunt team) are prolific GIF senders, so pumped to try this out. @chrisnickless and team: what inspired you to focus on this problem?
Mike Belsito
Mike Belsito@belsito · Co-Founder, Product Collective
Love it! I've been known to be a GIF sender... and see no reason why I won't start sending these. I love that it's another Northeast Ohio startup making noise, too. #MidwestLove
Vlad Calus
Vlad Calus@vladcalus · CMO at Planable
OMG, Techstars company! Great to see you guys on Product Hunt! Rock
Chris Nickless
Chris NicklessMaker@chrisnickless · CEO & Co-Founder @ Vlipsy
@vladcalus Woo! Family 🤗