Easily add your favorite video clips to any conversation.


Vlipsy is the best way to search and share iconic quotes from your favorite movies, shows, and videos on the internet and in chat. Reply with vlips (video clips) on any platform to add short expressive videos to your texts, tweets, snaps and comments.

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  • Jason D. Luna
    Jason D. LunaCOO, Rapid RMS

    • It's fun

    • More expressive than a gif

    • It's pronunciation isn't devisive.

    • Best of all, you can make any youtube video a Vlip


    It plays a clip 3 times in a row. Sometimes that's annoying.

    Wish they had Slack integration. (update: Now Vlipsy integrates with Slack)

    I've already made several "Vlips" and broadcast them out to friends/coworkers using the Vlipsy iOS keyboard app and Slack. The website is really simple, straightforward and easy to use.

    Jason D. Luna has used this product for one month.
  • Shannon Lyons
    Shannon LyonsCOO @Flashstarts

    Once you VLIPSY you can't go back. In those moments where sarcasm is lost in translation through text- VLIPSY saves the day!


    So many VLIPS, so little time.

    Although this is an amazingly fun way to communicate, I think about the opportunity for advertisers to create content in a different way. If content is funny and memorable - the potential reach on VLIPSY could be significant.

    Shannon Lyons has used this product for one month.
  • Luke Andrews
    Luke AndrewsHead of Marketing at Convey

    Fun (and sorta addictive) way to share clips with friends!


    Continue to build the clip library.

    Gifs are great but when I send my Darth Vader Noooooooo!!! clip I want the full impact of James Earl Jones deep Nooooooo!!!!!

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  • Todd Federman
    Todd FedermanAngel investor

    Super fun and easy


    More clips

    Way cooler to message with sound versus just a GIF

    Todd Federman has used this product for one month.
  • JC Pelsey
    JC PelseyFounder @ CoCatalyze

    FINALLY an option that does our punchlines justice- it's like half the joke was missing w/o audio (let's be honest, it's just not the same).


    Unsure if you can use it in email format, but this would be a prime way to uplevel e-newsletters for humor-centric brands.

    Their Farmer Fran / Waterboy instagram post is a perfect example of why I need this in my life. A+

    JC Pelsey has used this product for one week.