Vivaldi 1.0

A new browser from the original Opera co-founder



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Jon von Tetzchner — Co-founder and CEO, Vivaldi
Thanks everyone for checking out Vivaldi. We've made a lot of progress thanks to your help. And today we're launching Vivaldi 1.0 Final. Some of the new things you might like are:

Sessions: save a set of open tabs so you can load them later
Tab hibernation: right-click on a tab to set it to hibernate. Then it won't consume resources, so you can have many tabs open.

And some old favorites, like Notes, Tab Stacks, Web Panels, and many others

But of course, more than features, Vivaldi is about customization. Our browser should adapt to you.

Looking forward to your feedback.
Conrad Egusa — Founder, Publicize
@jonsvt Congrats Jon on Version 1.0 Final!
jeremy carson — Founder, Simply Twisted
@jonsvt I love makers, but let me ask you: why another browser? especially since all of these features are implementable by extensions on every other browser platform, what would make me use this new one?
Jon von Tetzchner — Co-founder and CEO, Vivaldi
@thejeremycarson We feel that all major browsers are becoming very similar in terms of functionalities. We wanted to build a powerful browser that offers much richer set of features that allows users to personalise their experience.

Our focus is providing as many functionalities and choice as possible out of the box.
We believe everyone is different. We wear different clothing, drive different cars, decide to live in different parts of the world. We all make different choices yet there is not much choice when it comes to browsers, which many of us spend significant amounts of time using.

Yes, it's possible to download extensions to add features and that's good. Vivaldi is also compatible with Chrome extensions and you can download them from the Chrome Web store. However, we want to offer as many features as possible so that you don't need to search/find/install/evaluate extensions, which could have some negative impact on performance as well as on privacy.

Anyway, try out Vivaldi and see what you think.
Fraser Smith — Software Developer, Shanghai, China
@jonsvt I want to like it, but there are still issues for me. I'm a heavy user of the 'Save to Pocket" Chrome extension which seems to reliably crash Vivaldi 1.0 with just about every click. :-( I'll keep my eye out for 1.1.
Gaëlle Logeay — Community Manager, Vivaldi Technologies
@frassmith sorry about that. We're working on a fix. Thanks for being patient with us. 😃
Ram — Researching about the 'Startups'
@jonsvt -- Tried Vivaldi, looks really good, love the interface, notes feature :) Page loading is little slower with vivaldi than in chrome...but its fine, as of now, I love vivaldi, expecting great updates from vivaldi in future..:) Good luck...
Nichole Elizabeth — Moderator at Product Hunt
Vivaldi (alpha) has been posted on Product Hunt before but today is actually their official 1.0 (beta) launch day. More on that here.
Eon —
@nikkielizdemere Was about to hunt this earlier but felt it already had been hunted pre 1.0 Any rules about hunting pre / post beta?
Nichole Elizabeth — Moderator at Product Hunt
@eonpilot Hi Eon, I'm going to tag @rrhoover here, who can share the most up-to-date process. :)
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