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Visura is a technology platform that connects professional individuals and organizations in the media industry, efficiently. Our offering includes a site builder interconnected to a network used to access quality new work, talent and opportunity worldwide.

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The business of photography needs an alternative, cost-effective solution that allows the talent to make a sustainable living doing their work. Visura is committed to identifying solutions to reduce the amount of time and money creatives and buyers invest in having an online presence in order to connect and access the best new work, talent, and opportunities in one central place. The platform was envisioned by an eternal female intern, who worked at numerous publications without compensation until it became unsustainable and soon thereafter realized, she was not alone. As a result—Visura works to increase the quality and diversification of published content worldwide by empowering the individuals and organizations in the creative and media industry. Additionally, Visura works to create a database of the professionals in the media industry and their work—as a way to facilitate equal and merit based opportunities.
If you have questions on Visura, send us an email at Here's a nice article on Visura featuring one of our Grant winners:
Visura is a great tool for creative professionals and editors. You can build a gorgeous website and connect with editors from important publications from all over the world.
Via Visura—individual creatives and buyers—can build their personal website and a profile site with a page blog—both interconnected to a database used by brands and publications to find the best new work and talent. Since it is a membership service—Visura does not charge a finders fee for any transaction that results from the network. Think about it. For $195.00 a year or $20 a month—an individual can brand, manage and distribute their work, market their news and access opportunities in one central place.
Send me an email with a link to your Trial Prime membership and I will volunteer my time to transfer and/or design your website, directly.—Adriana Teresa, Founder, Visura