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Khristian Vinca reviewedvisuly.A photographer & model collaboration platform 📸

Simple and Unique


Not a lot of people know about it! (Yet...)

This app is awesome. The photography community has grown substantially, and I love seeing platforms that are bringing the community closer. As a photographer, when I moved states, I wasn't able to find anyone who shared my passion. I would have to go on Instagram and look at the stories that were posted near me to find potential friends/photographers/models - but it was time consuming because so many people on Instagram weren't photographers. With Exposure, that time has lessened a bunch. Can't wait for more people to get on this and start collab'ing. I'm excited to see where Exposure will be in a few years!

PS. Love the name and Logo. It's so simple, but so awesome. Eddie, I'm glad to see you posted it on ProductHunt!

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