Store, visualise and keep track of your dreams

VISUAPP is a new way to dream.

With VISUAPP you will be able to:

- Keep your dreams always with you

- Visualise right on your phone, wherever you are

- Setup reminders

- Many other handy features

Try it and tell us what you think.

We are only two in the team. It took us long time, but we've been working really hard and hope you'll love it!

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Hey @vitovalov & @itmaryna What was your motivation behind creating this app?
@itmaryna @jacqvon Hi Jacqueline, back in 2006 there was this movie "The Secret" which we saw and some years later realised that there's nothing to keep your dream board with you on mobile. So we decided to make an app for android which launched years ago and has over 100 000 users, and recently for iOS. Basically it's purpose is to replace or enhance the physical dream vision boards used for dream visualization aka. Law of Attraction. People used to have them hanging on walls of their rooms. But now they can carry all the dreams with them in the app. We've had tons of grateful words in what our users for Android have written in feedback, and expect to have even more success on iOS. Thanks for asking!
Congrats on your launch! I love this concept visualizing what you want. I think it is important to see and believe what you want to achieve. That being said what would say is the competitive advantage to using your product compared to using Instagram or Pinterest to compile and organize images?
@marcoafabrega thank you! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Regarding your question, VISUAPP is a place for you, for your dreams and thoughts.. It's also a matter of privacy. Those things are private to every person. Some might want to share them and VISUAPP has some built-in sharing features, but the main point is to keep your secrets in one place always with you. When Instagram/Pinterest or others decide to shut down, you might lose access to your photos. With VISUAPP you'll have always the total control over your content since it doesn't depend on a network connection or cloud database. Another advantage is in the reminders. Filling your board with your dreams and things you want to achieve is only step 1. Step 2 is to keep them in mind and not forget. For that you can schedule visualization reminders. You choose your preferred time and repeating days for each reminder. Then you can relax, VISUAPP will remind you to visualise, starting with a nice inspiring quote. Apart from that, for every dream that you create you can add your affirmation message and assign a life category to it (9 Feng-Shui categories). Also small details count. You can see the time you've been visualizing every particular dream. And it's not a final product. We have tons of planned features like gratitude journal, starring quote, backups, syncing, etc. Thanks for asking by the way, I'm very glad to answer. You can find more info on our blog: