Turn images into instructions

The visualist allows you to swiftly convert instructions and checklists into visual experiences by taking snaps, marking spots and recording words. Knowledge management has never been more agile.

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WOW! Great idea 😻
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There needs to be an obvious way to delete visuals


The idea is useful. Building quick guides using your phone is very convenient and I see it has potential for a lot of use cases.


Despite a built in tutorial, the experience seemed cumbersome and confusing. I couldn't figure out how to delete visuals to start over.

Thanks for your feedback. You can find the functionality to delete a visual in the "Settings"-view of the corresponding visual. I placed it there so you can't accidentally delete a created visual by swiping to the left. Moving it into the main view would be possible. Do you have any other feedback that made the experience "cumbersome and confusing"?
Interesting! Any plans for other platforms?
@jijojosein At the moment I'm focusing on iOS. All created Visuals however also already run on the HoloLens (no public release yet). I'm also considering Android in a future release.
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Nice idea. I think you might need to allow users to be able to add 2 images before showing the in-app purchase dialog... a one slide presentation is not compelling enough to make a purchase. A few other thoughts: Having to set the language per presentation seems an unnecessary step. Also showing the presentation settings before you start could be hidden behind a project settings button. Within a presentation, you auto-zoom in on the action points (hit areas) on each photo, I think the first step should show the whole image so that the user gets some context before they dive in. (I’m not convinced that zooming in is even necessary) It might be useful to show a small number next to each action point on the photo to quickly see the rough sequence. It might also be useful to have an actual zoom out button to reorientate at any time. Showing animated movement between action points might be a nice detail. The photo area can be bigger, the bottom navigation and text can be a bit smaller. The share button is difficult to access via the sledge left gesture. Looking forward to seeing where you take this!
@sign Many thanks for your great feedback and feature suggestions!

Sharing on iCloud is nice - only viewing it on iOS-devices also makes it useless for professional use. I was only able to find out all this AFTER I ourchased the Plus-Visualist. Very, very disappointing. Please add PDF or PNG export or whatever other usable file is possible - I´d really like to use this app. In the current state it was just waste of time and money...


Great idea, I have been searching for an app like this! Especially for documentation and task analysis!


There is no PDF-Export or any other readable file format - so the app is useless for me.

Hi Björn, thanks for your feedback. PDF export will be available in the next version to be released in the coming days.
PDF Export of logs is now available in the latest release.