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Visual Marketing Index | Instagram analytics tool for brands


The Visual Marketing Index (VMI) is a new Instagram analytics tool that is designed to give you the most comprehensive performance score that’s currently available. All the metrics are benchmarked and scored relative to your size and reach. Get reports on both your brand and your competitors’. All you need is a brand name and a hashtag.

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Tanja Radic
Sergio Sánchez
Marsal Sole Morello
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  • Sergio Sánchez
    Sergio SánchezPython developer

    free, informative,


    can not dowload report

    Even when it's only possible to check the report on the screen, the information that I get is rally useful to have a big picture about my brand's Instagram situation. Very recommended.

    Sergio Sánchez has used this product for one day.
  • Tanja Radic
    Tanja RadicMarketing

    It's a great tool and easy to use.


    It would be nice to have an additional tool that allows to benchmark the competitors.

    It does what it says it does!

    Tanja Radic has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    good info-graphs


    downloading would be good, i would like to run it more in given time, waiting 28 days is a bit more :)

    Looks like a useful tool, it gives a good overview of a brands performance and I really like the top photo functionality

    evren kutar has used this product for one day.
  • Marsal Sole Morello
    Marsal Sole MorelloLead Generation , Photoslurp

    It has a very good visual design that let you quickly grasp the main KPI for Social Media Performance.


    Would be cool to Benchmark the score given by the product with other competitors performance.

    Definitely, it is a tool that gives you more in depth analysis and control over the Brand Social Media.

    Marsal Sole Morello has used this product for one week.