Visual Inspector On-site

Collaborate websites feedback like a Google doc

Install Visual-Inspector in your site for collaborating your website feedback

just just like on Google docs.

Save hundreds of productive hours every week with:

- Visual editor to make changes. ( No coding required.)

- Works on Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Edge

- No Chrome extension required.

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@vm4canvasflip @kwdinc congrats for releasing this tool! As a person going from the development field to business/managing field I've seen the necessity for a tool like this as I had to give more and more feedback on what we were building. When we build UI Kits and Dashboards we always give a lot of feedback between us. That process of taking screen shots, uploading them on a collaboration tool, writing the feedback, getting the feedback, finding the real issue on the website and implementing it is really time consuming. Sincerely, we wanted to build a tool like this internally and I've started a conversation on Reddit 11 months ago about this where I presented the pain that we have: Now I'm more than happy to see this launched, we will definitely use it in our team and recommend it for our users and customers. Good luck guys!
Hey @axelut, thanks for your kind words and good wishes. :) I strongly believe that it's gonna help a lot of web dev professionals to get better feedback and iterate faster. So far, our focus has been on empowering non-technical business users to reduce dependency on development efforts. To be honest, we have just started and there's a lot to be done before we can turn our vision into reality. Having an ecosystem partner like you is really amazing.. Super excited to learn from your experience and build something of value to the web dev community. Cheers!! PS. Loved the Reddit thread.. Seems so relatable to pain points we came across. On lighter note, I'm glad you didn't build it.. ;)
Hello hunters!! If you are using legacy tools (Screenshot + email) for collaborating feedback on your website development, you may be wasting hundreds of productive hours every week. With Visual inspector on-site integration, you can get 10x faster feedback collaboration on your website. It's as simple as collaborating with Google document.. :) Here's how you re-claim your time & productivity: 1. Get pixel-perfect feedback from stakeholders on website with Visual editor. No coding required. 2. Annotate, discuss & resolve remotely. Faster decision making. 3. Implement faster with auto-generated CSS Leading web development agencies use Visual Inspector to save upto $4,000 every month. Benefits of On-site integration: 1. Works on all major browsers - Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Edge. 2. Supports HTML, WordPress, React or any other framework 3. Integrates in 10-seconds or less Annnnd, there's also an special lifetime deal announce for our meowsome hunters - once we come to the top 3. So, upvote, share & love and stay tuned.. Thanks to @kwdinc for helping us with product feedback & hunting it..!! Cheers! Makers of Visual Inspector
@kwdinc @vm4canvasflip congrats on the launch Vipul, Visual Inspector has been a really useful tool! Exciting to see where you take it!
Thanks @graeme_fulton!! We built this together from awesome support of @prototypr community. πŸ™Œ Wasn't possible with you all..

But it's a great Product :)


Good To Visualize Before downloading a template


Adding new elements is still in there radmap

Whats the pricing Vipul, i think i cant find it on the landing page.
@nitinbajaj1423 This is a Free upgrade with standard Visual Inspector plan & pricing ($5 per user per month) You can see detailed pricing here -
@vm4canvasflip Hi Vipul have few thoughts on your B2B sales process, if you do it at all:- - Track companies that are actively hiring for "web development" or "web design" as they are the ones that are in need of this tool. You can top it up with industry & employee size as a qualification factor to improve your targeting. - Track companies that are launching soon or have just launched a new website, mobile app or an online store, they will have high chances of using your product. Have few more thoughts around it that I can share over email if you want. Cheers, Nitin
Absolutely @nitinbajaj1423. Thanks for pointing us in right direction. Would love to hear your ideas on B2B growth... :) Besides lead generation, understanding & solving the pain-points in website feedback collaboration for agencies are our top priority. Let's take the discussion over email. ( I'm available on Talk soon!
@canvasflip @vm4canvasflip supercool, sending you an email shortly.
@nitinbajaj1423 Sure thing. Looking forward.. :)
Started using Visual Inspector the day it was launched and not a single day passes without me using the extension. You guys have come a long way. This is one of the long awaited features and would be using it frequently for sure.
Thanks a lot @jijojosein for your feedback!! Would love to see you around.. 😊