Beautiful minimal image viewer for MacOS

Viso is a beautiful minimal image viewer for MacOS. Features a non intrusive UI that allows you to get the most viewing experience out of your images.
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Hey everyone. Indie maker here, excited to be able to share this with you. Leave me any comments or questions. Here is also a 20% discount coupon for you great guys - 'PH-VISO-20'
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Hey everyone, if you downloaded earlier and your Mac said the downloaded app was damaged, made a fix for that now. You can try redownloading!
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@knightbenax Not sure if this is related, but when I try to open the app for the first time macOS says it cannot be opened because the app is built by an unidentified developer. I have to go into the Security panel of Preferences to approve the app before I can open it. Additional feedback: 1) It'd be wonderful if this app provided the ability to zoom in or zoom out when viewing an image. 2) This app doesn't really work for smaller images like thumbnails or small avatars:
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@magnuson Thank you Charles! Definitely adding 1) very very soon. And thank you for 2), never knew about that. Fixing away.
This is great and I like what you've done. But I'm unsure what benefit is over the built in quick view?
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@ryan_roberts1 Thank you Ryan! I built it actually as a replacement for Preview. Also for when you want to see image size and dimensions while viewing the image without opening an info window
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Super excited to try this, but the application crashes right when I click to try and activate my license😕 the $5 doesn't matter as much as not getting to use it does to me!
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@maleck_s Hi Maleck, I believe I just emailed you now. Bug has been fixed, do read my email and let me know. Thanks!
This app is almost the best image viewer ever. I usually use quick preview to view images but I really like how this app shows the image and how minimal it is. The only thing missing is an easy way to zoom in and out. Perhaps cmd + scroll wheel or traditional cmd +/- would work.
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@simplypro Hmm, this makes a lot of sense. I think I can work an update that includes this in