Make a nice infographic with icons in couple minutes

#2 Product of the DayOctober 07, 2017

Vislapp is helping build data infographics


 +3 reviews
  • Robin GoodPublisher of T5

    Simplicity of use

    Automatic icon identification


    Template design quality

    Control over look (typography, text size / font)

    Opportunity to offer a low-cost/freemium alternative to Adioma by focusing on:

    - alternative design templates

    - control over icons size

    - lower pricing

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Anton Lavrenov
@lavrton · Web maker
Hello! I am the maker of Vislapp. About 1 years ago, randomly reading articles on the Internet I found Elon Mask Infographic The infographic is really interesting and extremely BEAUTIFUL. Then I found that visualization is made by creators of Adioma ( Adioma is a nice product and I was really inspired by its simplicity. After some time I decided to build side project to learn some web technologies. I was interested in mobx, "antd for react" and I wanted to build something using SVG (I was never using it before in deep level). Then I remembered Adioma, so I decided to build a simple clone of it. Nothing serious, just to learn new technology stack. Creating SVG itself and calculating layout is not very hard. The hardest part is SVG icons. You need tons of them to make the product work. Luckily I coopered with Pixteller ( to use their SVG database. When I finished I liked my result, so I decided to polish it and launch. So here you go. Vislapp - Simple Infographics Maker. Currently, the app may look like Adioma clone (back in the days when I started Adioma was simpler and had fewer features, now they are improved a lot). So I have two ways: 1. Be cheap Adioma clone 2. Find niche and specialize product for it Not sure where to go then. To be honest, I don’t really like first way. I will be happy if you will share your feedback. Or describe what are you MISSING in similar products. Thanks.
Gianfranco P@gianpaj · Developer
@lavrton nice tool. I haven't used Adioma. Few things I like and are missing (or would like) from Visapp: # I like - you can try before you buy # missing - choose fonts (e.g google fonts) - choose colors for each element of the infographic - resize icons, or entire step (icon + text) - resize the canvas so I could make a small graphic or large poster.
Anton Lavrenov
@lavrton · Web maker
@gianpaj That makes sense. Thanks for the feedback. I added some items to my todo list.
Sooraj Chandran@iamsooraj · Entrepreneur & Engineer.
Great product!
Carl Shaver@carl_shaver · Loving PH
James Welch@jwelch · CEO @
This is a great little app :-)
Karim Maassen@karimmaassen · Founder / CEO
Looks good!