Vision Board

Start manifesting your dream life using law of attraction.

A traditional Vision board is a tool used to help you clarify, concentrate and maintain a focus on specific life goals. Our vision board app is a software that allows the users to create a beautiful and personalised vision board, prevent people from sneaking into what’s in your board and maintain it by ease.
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Do you have big dreams? Do you want to achieve something extraordinarily awesome? Do you want to show the world who you really are? Do you want to be a singer? Do you want financial abundance? Do you want to help your family? Do you want to prove your friends, your family and all the other naysayers wrong? Well, then you are lucky to find this post, have you ever heard about the law of attraction and what all it can do for you? Well, the law of attraction states that you will become what you believe in and it really works. But do you know, it works on its own and you actually become what you think about yourself. If you think positive, positive things will start happening in your life and similarly if you think negative, your life will get more miserable weather you like it or not. Therefore it is very important to control your negative thoughts and you know you can even boost the speed of the law of attraction if you start visualising yourself in scenarios where you have already achieved your dream life. I have developed an app name "Vision Board" in which you can add your dreams and goals and set a daily reminder to remind you to visualise. I personally believe very strongly in the law of attraction and this app has actually helped me a lot since I created it. If interested please check out my profile, link is provided in profile bio.
Amazing app 😍
iOS version?
@zach_mcnaughtan Thankyou for stopping by, I would like to inform you that iOS version is still in development. We will try to launch as soon as possible.

I understand that you need to promote the product and you want to do whatever you can to make it a success, but the majority of the reviews are almost certainly fake. Not something that I like nor appreciate. There are other ways to promote your app that's not deceiving


Interesting idea to explore


Fake Google play reviews

Nice idea and philosophical approach. I prefer speaking of determination. You must believe in what you are doing, and you could add this concept in your app.
@abbanext Thankyou, I am really glad that you saw potential in our product. I really liked your idea, I will try to implement it in the next update.