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A modular and easy-to-use opensource bot maker to build chatbots and vocal assistants. We created an easy-to-use bot maker, for everyone to start building tomorrow's virtual assistants, by text or by voice.

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Alice Vasseur
Alice VasseurMaker@alice_vasseur · Innovation Maker / Conversational UX
Hi everyone ! We’re happy to launch VISEO Bot Maker and share it with you ! We started to build chatbots and vocal apps over a year ago, but we soon get frustrated with existing tools : we wanted something easy to use for conversation designer (which means : easy to customize and test without coding), but also to be able to build powerful services by developing layers or connecting to any assets & APIs. Plus, I’m sure you observed how bot and virtual assistant ecosystem is changing fast : GAFAM and start-ups are racing for the best bot products, business models are evolving… So we were looking for a way to adapt quickly, test existing bot tools and NLP resources, develop on most messaging apps and vocal assistants but also to allow our clients, to whom we build bots, to remain independent as possible by keeping their conversation flow and code their own. That’s why we built VISEO Bot Maker, a modular and open source tool to build chatbots and vocal assistants. You can test it here and if you have any question, just ask 😊 Alice
Sadim@thinking_chimp · penslate
@alice_vasseur hello there, would telegram be supported in the nearest future.
Ari Kouts
Ari KoutsMaker@arikouts · Scientist in Innovation @VISEO
@alice_vasseur @thinking_chimp Hi, because we are using Microsoft Bot Builder as one of our server sources (alongside, google home etc), and the Bot Builder supports it, its already supported!
Ayush Chandra
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Hope there is an trial or free version of it
Ari Kouts
Ari KoutsMaker@arikouts · Scientist in Innovation @VISEO
@ayush_chandra Hi Ayush! Its fully open source and free to use! You can install it on your own servers, cloud or even locally to test. We are not a software company but a service company and we thought that open sourcing what we use for our own clients can help others create great chatbots and vocal assistants.
Kirill Atstarov
Kirill Atstarov@malkielfalcone · CEO LLC WiseAI
Can you provide some bot templates or examples which I can import to the Viseo