Visabot Green Card 2.0

Cut the green-card red tape now in Chinese, Spanish & Hindi

We are proudly launching a new immigration tool in Chinese, Spanish and Hindi! Hooray!

嗨 欢迎

Hola Bienvenido

नमस्ते स्वागत

Now you can chat with Visabot in your native language and Visabot will prepare the documents for Family Based Green Card in English.

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Hey, this a cool idea. Your website is really well done. Just a heads up though, the English copy is written poorly. It reads like it was written by someone non-native or pushed through an online translator. There are also typos on the site. Typos, poor copy, and weird wording tend to cause users to feel distrust which is not something you want for a product that's dealing with such a sensitive topic. Example: "Learn if I'm fit" is an odd CTA -> Try "Find out if you qualify" instead. Another Example: "I MAKE IT ALL EASY FOR YOU" "I'll take you by the hand and you will know very well how to file your application" Maybe try: "FILING HAS NEVER BEEN EASIER" "Visabot will guide you through the application steps and help you file your application with confidence. Another Example: "Family based Green Cards is what I love the most. I deliver, be sure." I'm not even sure what this is saying to be honest. 🙈 Your product claims to translate from your native language -> english, but the english is written so poorly, I'm not sure I'd trust you to translate anything to English for me in it's current state. I think you're almost there, but you should really hire a copywriter/UX Writer. People are going to feel uneasy when they read the copy and they may even think this is a scam. It's a great idea though, I wish you the best.
@zacitus Zach thanks a lot for that. I could not think of a more valuable feedback. We will run through all your comments and improve our web-site and the product too.
@zacitus @andrey_zinoviev Same goes for your copy in Hindi. It does not sound natural. Please don't use Google Translate.
Most foreigners dream about getting a green card but very few know if they actually qualify. Problem solved, now Visabot can help you do it in 3 minutes. Free for PH users today use "ph2017dec" to check it out And finally to learn how Visabot can help you get your green card, join our web conferences on Dec 2 in English and on Dec 3 in Chinese Warmly, Visabot team
Hey team! What's changed since you launched over the summer? Legaltech is years behind where it should be, love seeing products in this space.
@nickabouzeid Hey Nick! Our customers tell us that they struggle with immigration legalese in English while they barely understand it. Now those folks can chat with Visabot in their native language and yet Visabot will prepare the documents in English. We’ve started with Chinese, Spanish and Hindi.
@svencreations thanks for the Video ♥️ !
Cool stuff!
@nabashtoo Thanks, appreciated!