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Wow, thanks Chris! Hi Product Hunters! We're all excited about this first launch. Visabot is a robot helping professionals relocate to the United States. He is not an immigration lawyer, so he is trying to be fast, easy and responsive. He will cover more immigration questions in the future. For now, Visabot can help you prolong you stay in the U.S. for 6 months if you're a tourist . If you're a talented person, Visabot can tell your chances to get a visa for extraordinary people. Please test Visabot and tell us what else you want me to see him doing in immigration, appreciate your feedback! Many thanks!
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@goldman_artem *talented person
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@goldman_artem This is SOOOooo great!! fighting #thewall till the end. :)
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@lulfeng Thank you, changed it
@goldman_artem congrats on the launch!
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Awesome! Amazing!! Wow!!! Really cool!!!!
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@abbbbram many thanks, Vasily! Happy that you like Visabot
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@nivo0o0 Thanks Niv!
Good job! :)
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F*cking finally! Too bad I already spent the money on lawyers though 😬
@mikael_yang I don't think this bot would do your paperwork for you :)