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Did you ever get frustrated when you decide to travel to a new country? Does it take time & research to find visa requirements for a new country? And you end up finding confusing, contradicting and outdated information? If yes then the answer is VisaList.
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👋 Hello hunters! :) A year back, I launched the first version of Visa List on Product Hunt. It's been a crazy adventure since then. I've travelled to 10 countries during this time and along the way Visa List has helped more than 2 Million people from all over the world with their visa needs. Today I launch the second iteration of Visa List, I've worked on this with passion, some doubts 🤔 and lots of love 💖 from friends, family and indie community. I made everything on this site mostly by myself 😏 so I'm super excited. 📖 Story Visa List started out as simple list of visa requirements for all countries with detailed visa process and documents for 50 countries so that travellers can go anywhere they want easily. This was a solution to visa issues I faced when I wanted to travel. 🚀 Now Since then it's grown to 100+ countries and now features visa exemptions, dual passport requirements and many data points like flight prices, weather, distance, economy status and travel advice. I’m adding new countries every day so that you can use Visa List for all your visa requirements. 💰 Revenue Visa List makes money mostly from ads and affiliates. Most of the site is freely usable but to use some filters, community chat and visa advice, you need to pay. Users pay monthly, annual or once for a lifetime membership. Revenue ranges from $5,000/m to $6,000/m. See It became profitable after 2 months of launch. 👉 Features ✅ Find your travel freedom with different filters to find your next destination ✅ Find flight prices, weather, exchange rate, distance for all countries using different filters ✅ Quickly check visa requirements for different countries on map ✅ Get detailed visa requirements for any country ✅ Find travel advice for different destinations ✅ Ask visa related questions and get answered ✅ Chat with travellers around the world ✅ Find out which countries you can visit if you have powerful visas like US Visa, Canada Visa etc ✅ Track all the countries you've travelled ✅ Find embassies of your country in different parts of the world ✅ Find visa rankings of different countries ✅ Find passport rankings of different countries ✅ Visa List is an Open MircoStartup 🥅 Next Once i complete the tourist visa requirements, i plan to add detailed photo requirements for visas. After that, my plan is to continue adding different visa types starting with transit visas and business visas. My goal is to make travel as easy as possible. 🛠 Making I coded, designed and built Visa List using VueJS for the frontend, MySQL for backend using Golang. I learned how to do SEO and AdOps the hard way in the last year. I was originally an android developer and learned these just to build Visa List. 💖 Thanks I think every person should explore the world around them and would have faced the problem I faced, so could find value in what I have built. So I would love to know what you think of this and would be more than happy to hear your suggestions and feature requests. Let me know what you want to be added or removed or do I need to build something entirely! This is my 3rd successful microstartup and I spent most of my time over the last 2 years making this, thank you for being part of it 🙃 Love, HaKr!
@1hakr Big congratulation on launching the 2.0 version! 🎉 Very recommended for all travellers out there! 😊
@ryzalyusoff thanks mate
@1hakr It's been amazing to watch your progress Hari, well done and congratulations on your v2 launch, it looks great! 😍
@1hakr Congrats Hari! Has been following you since you first launched VisaList. Happy to see it growing.
That's a great cover image! 😃 I wonder how large your dataset is at this point. My favorite feature is visa rankings – seeing how your country compares with others is also very entertaining. Looking forward to Visa List 3.0.
@valentine_erokhin Thanks mate! Currently i have around 100 to 150k records combined.
An absolute must-have for any traveler. Instantly bookmarked.
So useful web tool for travellers. 👍
Thanks @mddanishyusuf, i hope it because the default app for digital nomdas!! 🤞
Great job, mate. Seem's like lots of progress since v1.0.
@stanbright thanks mate! ☺️