Vritual reality that moves you

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Mike Amerson
Mike Amerson@polygrafix · Creative Director - iCandy Games
This product is really fun. There are 4 games that come with it. A western themed bandit chasing game. An Indy car racing game. A Tank vs other tanks on uneven terrain, and a Pegasus flying- gem catching game. My favorite is the western game because it feels the most polished and it's pretty engaging. I want to say that all the games feel a bit lacking in depth and polish, closer to tech demo's than finished games, but none the less the device works well, and is a great alternative to the standard stationary bike. What i really want to see, is simple a bike racing game, with varied and beautiful environments. A strong single player campaign against the ai. A challenge yourself mode, (taken from previous best races) and a sync up with other virzoom players, multiplayer mode. I may have to develop this if someone else don't.