All-in-one tool for cross-platform social video analytics

ViralStat tracks, analyzes, and compares the ongoing progress of all monitored social videos + channels across Facebook, YouTube, TikTok + Instagram
Discover hottest topics, trending influencers, the most engaging content in your niche, and grow your audience
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A useful social media manager tool to help you pull together a comprehensive social media video search, or dive into social video data to pull together a report across all major social platforms - YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram 👌
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Hi everyone! I’m Marcin, founder of ViralStat. First of all, thanks @mattnavarra for hunting us! Super excited to launch at Product Hunt today! 🥳🥳🥳 We’ve spent a significant amount of time working on ViralStat to build a product that will meet your expectations and empower you to conquer that crowded social video space. Today, when the video is the most engaging type of media across all social networks, every creator needs to measure and optimize the content to fit different audience expectations and grow viewership. This is why we're happy to present you a unified solution for tracking, analyzing and comparing the ongoing cross-platform progress of THOUSANDS of social videos and profiles on one dashboard 💪🏻 Understand your audience from a whole new level: no more guessing around what works and what doesn't - see exactly what people from all around the world enjoy to watch on each social platform, and give them content they'll love! ViralStat allows to create individual collections that can contain thousands of items: owned channels and video campaigns run simultaneously across different social networks, managed Influencers and creators social profiles and videos, competitors and industry leaders social accounts, all sorts of video campaigns you'd find worth to monitor and draw inspiration from. Follow the current cross-platform progress of all social VIDEO content uploaded heavily every minute of every day. Quickly identify the most engaging topics posted across different social channels, find out which creator really makes an impact on your brand's recognition, how others grow their following and who is worth to partner with. All vital comparison metrics benchmarked on one dashboard for easy performance reporting, at your fingertips! Main features: Analytics - access YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok public profiles and videos statistics insights Tracking - track daily progress of any profile, video or hashtag performance Discovery - search for new content ideas and up-and-coming Influencers Leaderboards - check daily rankings of videos, profiles and images Trending - monitor YouTube trending videos and TikTok hashtags/songs every day Smart Folders - create individual collections that can contain thousands of profiles and videos: followed profiles and videos cross-platform performance, monitor, benchmark, research, analyze. Mail alerts - get email updates of leaderboards, smart folders, profiles, videos or YouTube trending YouTube Ads Tool - optimize YouTube Ads to reach highly targeted viewers. Find laser targeted YouTube video placements and import to your Adwords campaigns (placement targeting) We’re still working on developing the tool, building new features and improving current ones. And thus, we’d love to hear your feedback! Also, if you have any questions at this point, we’ll be happy to answer all we can! For all your support and out of the joy of being featured, we prepared a special deal for all Product Hunters signing up to ViralStat within the next seven days 🎁 Please use code PH20 at the checkout to get 20% discount from any chosen plan, lifetime 🥳
Viralstat is an amazing product. Anybody who is involved in video marketing and marketing in general can benefit so much from Viralstat. Works great and the team behind is just super. I have had Enterprise account soon one year and this has paid back many multiples and keep on giving and getting even better and better. Thank you so much Gabriela, Marcin and The Team! You guys ROCK!
@omit thank you! this makes my heart full ❤️
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The team definitely knows what they are doing. This is one of the best social intelligence tool :) @dudekbuzz and Gabriela are amazing people
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@pycyber really appreciate it man! Thanks a lot, Cyber! 🤗
Great, keep up the great work!
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