Create personalized custom vinyl records fast

Personalized 12" Custom Vinyl Records - Fast and delivered Worldwide for FREE.
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You decide what music on your record, create your own cover and sticker art. We'll take care of the rest. We press, print and deliver to your door faster than anyone else.
@simoncrack Is the site down? It looks down to me 😅
@amrith It was temporarily - my luck to have a server outage! lol All should be well now :-)
Awesome product!
So it's not possible to put copyrighted music on a vinyl, right? I understand that this could be restricted if I wanted to sell a copy of that vinyl. But how is it different from burning a CD with MP3s for my own personal use, especially if I purchased this music? Do I need to provide some proof that I own submitted music? Thanks!
@nickslam Right! I guess it differs when you use a third party (us) to create the Vinyl. It’s something we are looking into for sure.
As a musician, I love the idea! Looking to try it in the future. I wish it was a little less pricey.
@hmgauna Thanks - we are still price testing to see what we can realistically offer. Out of interest what price would be a no brainer for you?
@simoncrack I might be asking too much, but I would like to see it near the price of a commercial vinyl record. I imagine this could be a great service for independent artist looking to press a very small amount of records.
@hmgauna cheers appreciate the feedback :-D